NO REGRETS!! (music video)

no regrets (music video)
First of all, I feel like the saying, “No Regrets,” has taken on a whole new meaning after the epic, “NO RAGRETS,” tattoo and scene from, “We’re The Millers,” if you haven’t seen it yet, you must watch it this second!! Like NOW! Lol! Like I’ve said before, my motto for this music video is, “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take!” So with that, my music video director, Roman White and I had a brainstorming session! I think it was just as much a test we were both giving each other, as it was trying to get to know each other better! Neither one of us had really said what our ideas were for the video, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Roman looked and me and said, “Karli what do you see for this video?” I said that the most important thing to me of this entire music video was to have my boundaries and comfort zone pushed. The last thing I want is for this music video to end up looking like an ordinary music video! I told him that it zero percent interested me to make a music video that followed the song line for line and recreated visually exactly what you experience sonically! So with that, I explained my dream scenario. I said, “Roman I want this out there, and I want you to push me as an artist and performer,” and I closed by saying, “when you hand me the treatment, (the concept and idea for the music video), I want to look at you and say, Holy shit Roman I can’t do that!” Not exactly knowing what to expect from Roman after my rather blunt description he responded by saying, “so basically you want to be naked on a wrecking ball?” I hysterically laughed and said, “maybe yes if you had come up with the idea first!” We both looked at each other and I think in that moment knew we were going to work amazing together!

I can’t tell you what we have planned, because that would ruin ALL of the fun! I can tell you however, I will continue giving sneak peeks and hints! I promise you this, Roman, the rest of the team and I worked our butts off to create the best music video we could! We are so incredibly excited about the moments we captured on film, but most of all, we are counting down the seconds until we can share it with you!

Lots of Love,