Not long after the release of my music video, “Frozen,” I got a call from my friend Tokyo saying there was a producer/friend of his I just, “Had to meet!” He went on and on about how amazing this producer was, and how he thought we would be the, “Perfect match,” for each other! He said, “He’s from LA, and has had a ton of success in the pop/rock/hip hop world, but has been spending a lot of time in Nashville the past few years establishing himself in country music.” He finished by saying, “Can I please give him your number? I really think you guys need to meet!” I said, “Of course!”

Not only was I getting introduced to an incredible producer, I was getting introduced to Grammy Award-Winning producer Tone Def, (Green Day, Santana, Chris Issak), and I could not have been more excited!! Our first conversation took place over the phone, and was about as perfect as a first conversation could be with a complete stranger! I told him what I wanted in a future project. I explained things I loved about my music in the past, and things I wanted to change about it moving forward. He took it all in and proceeded to talk about the things he could bring to my music, along with the changes he would make if I decided to work with him. I loved everything he said! The things he didn’t like, I didn’t like, and his ideas for my future project, sounded like a breath of fresh air to me! We decided we would meet in person to talk further.

We met at a coffee shop and talked for over an hour about our vision for my new music. We talked about what I wanted to sing and write about, along with how I could take my sound to the next level. I told him, “I’m over vanilla reactions. I either want people to love these new songs, or absolutely hate them. I’m not a vanilla person, and my music shouldn’t be either!” He laughed, and promised me vanilla reactions were not an option for him either! I think it took about 5 seconds for me to realize this was the producer for my next project! His vision, for my voice, sound, and songs blew me away. He so got me as an artist and person, that I knew immediately my friend Tokyo was right, he really was the, “Perfect match,” for me! I’m so proud and excited to be able to say Tone Def is my new producer!!

Lots of Love,